Sapphire – Convention Hall

With an ability to accommodate around 166 people at one go, our convention hall “Sapphire” is tailor made to host all your corporate events, social events, kitty parties, marriage receptions and birthday parties under the same roof at a competitive price.

The best three adjectives that we can use to describe our convention hall lie properly embedded in the bible of five star hospitality, and those three are known as “magnificent, elegant and spacious.”

Our convention hall can be used in the form of:

  • An auditorium (with accommodation ranging from 125 to 166 people on basis of arrangement of chairs)
  • Classroom (with accommodation ranging from 55 to 71 people on basis of arrangement of desks)
  • Trade shows (with accommodation ranging from 4 to 6 people per booth depending on the size of the booth)
  • Reception with dance floor (dance floor can accommodate around 111 people in one go)

* For mock tail parties, our convention hall can accommodate around 166 people in one go only if no seating arrangements are arranged for the party. If seating arrangements are made accordingly, the number goes down to around 125.

** For more details on banquet styles and seating accommodations, you may refer to the table that’s provided below.

*** For reservations or enquiry please call us no : 9123461209/10

Saffire – Convention Hall
Cocktail Parties # of People
Guests Standing 166
Both Standing and Seated 125
Banquet Style # of People
Round Tables Served 83
Rectangle Tables Served 100
Round Tables Buffet 90
Rectangle Tables Buffet 111
Theater or Auditorium Style # of People
Spacious Rows of Chairs 125
Maximum Rows of Chairs 166
Classroom Style # of People
18 Inch Wide Desks 71
24 Inch Wide Desks 62
30 Inch Wide Desks 55
Conference Style # of People
Standard 33
Hollow Square # of People
Standard 28
U Shaped Setup # of People
Using 8 Foot Tables 28
Trade Show # of People
8 x 10 Booths 6
10 x 10 Booths 4
Reception Style # of People
With Dance Floor 111